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  • Activities of the company in regard to the Commercial Register :

Installation of electronic devices and communications equipment, information technology, computers, programs , technology solutions for electronic commerce ,information security software and archiving, base stations for mobile phone network, electrical and electromechanical appliances, maintenance of network communications, information technology , implementation of the electrical work and development, programming of computer network systems and the Internet .

  • Qualification by the Saudi Telecom Company ( STC ) :

In accordance with the letter No. 483 / SH M dated: 1/12/1423H, directed to us regarding our facility registration to the list of suppliers and contractors at the company’s head office, with supplier number (388 000) in the activity fields that exceed (75) fields.

  • Qualification by the Communications and Information Technology Commission :

In accordance with the letter No. 172 / HT / ST dated: 1/26/1425H, that is directed to his Excellency Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, for approval of additional areas of activities that exceed (11) fields, (Communications and Information Technology) , into the commercial register of the company

  • Classification by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs :

In accordance with Certificate No. 8840 dated: 19/10/1426H, in the field of electrical work ( installation of electrical appliances ), a fifth class, and in the field of electronic works (installation of electronics, communications and information technology, computers and networks), a fifth class, and in the field of maintenance and operation of electronic works (operation and maintenance of electronic devices and communications and computers) a fourth class

  • Qualification by the Saudi Electricity Company :

In accordance with the letter 43013/126/07 dated: 5/8/1428H, approval of the company to operate within the scope of a unified contract for implementing construction work, and maintenance of distribution networks with effort up to 36 kV

  • Renewal of the company’s classification by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs :

In accordance with certificate No. 11491 date: 22/8/1431H in the field of electronic works (installation of electronic devices, computers and networks), a third class, and in the field of communications technology ( hardware, communications and information technology ) a fourth class

  • Achievement of the strategic goal of the company ( technology transfer and settlement ) :

Through serious effort, enduring hardship, and sincere intention, as well as Allah’s Will, 546 Saudi personnel have been employed, to work on a project of installation of new technologies for telephone and broadband across all regions of the Kingdom, installation and programming of the Atheer Plus Service , WiMAX, and Wireless Service including their maintenance and repair. Transportation, installation and delivery of programming lines ( DSL ) with required equipment and integration with the network. The total percentage of Saudis employed exceeds 81% of the total workers in the project, where national cadres have been qualified through quarterly technical courses, work place training, and behavioral courses at specialized institutes. It is worth mentioning that we have not resorted to the Human Resources Development Fund in need for financial support, but we have resorted to Allah, the merciful, to be able to achieve this goal. At the end of the project, everyone has gained the experience; the know-how needed and are prepared to be recruited by other companies

  • Data and information Accuracy :

The company will provide upon request all evidences and supporting documents which proves that all the information mentioned in the profile are correct and accurate.

  • National Presence :

The company had the pleasure of implementing projects in all regions and provinces of the Kingdom; the geographical maps provided in the profile demonstrate this fact.